Bali Ultimate Villas

Bali Ultimate Villas We offer villas, boutique hotels, small resorts, estates and boats in Bali, Lombok, throughout Indonesia and Timor-Leste. We’ve seen hundreds of places and have narrowed down the offerings to suit our discerning clients. We start your experience with the perfect accommodations, chosen to suit your preferences. Lap in the luxury and privacy of your own villa, with a complete staff for you and your guests. Or, revel in a boutique hotel surrounded with exquisite settings and personalized service. In a rustic estate, savour an unspoiled view of traditional Balinese beauty, or leave it all behind in a private yacht, sailing the islands in style. Perch on a remote mountaintop or beach, in peace and quiet. Whatever your preference, we set the stage for your experience in Bali.

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