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Bali Holiday Deals

Bali Holiday Deals You needs to know

Bali Holiday Deals
Bali Holiday Deals

If you are looking to visit Bali for a once in a lifetime vacation, you probably would also like to save a bit of money while you are traveling as well. Thankfully, there are a few different ways to save money during your trip, all thanks to Bali holiday deals. There are different kinds of Bali holiday deals you can seek out, you just need to know where to look. While it is going to usually vary, depending on where you want to visit on the island and what time of year you go, there are all sorts of different options available to you. This way, you can visit the island paradise, all without breaking your bank account.

Bali Holiday Deals and the Time of Year

When you first start shopping in Bali for deals, you need to first be mindful of the time of year you visit. This is a very popular tourist destination for Australians, so due to this the island does become much busier during common vacation times in Australia. This includes their winter vacation (which is during the summertime for those living in the northern hemisphere), plus New Years, Christmas and other national holidays in Australia. By avoiding Bali during these times but instead traveling during the off season, it is possible to visit the island when there are fewer Australian visitors, which in turn helps open up the hotels and brings down the actual price. This should allow you to save some money when you visit. Additionally, if you fly during off times, you might find less expensive flights, although it does help to remain open to how you fly into the country.

Save on Bali Holiday Deals and Flights

Your flight to Bali is going to be the most expensive element of your trip. However, there are a few different ways you might be able to save some money, outside of the time of year you purchase your ticket. Flying directly into Bali is pricey, so you might want to fly into a nearby airport and then book either a smaller flight or travel through the country to arrive to Bali. First, you can fly into Darwin, Australia, which is just about a two hour flight south from Bali. You can also look at flights into Jakarta, Indonesia. If you have some extra time, you can travel through Indonesia for very little and take a ferry or small, local flight out to Bali. Doing this can actually help you save hundreds of dollars per person, all while giving you more of a true Indonesia experience (Bali is very different from the rest of Indonesia).

When you shop around for Bali accommodation, look for package deals that give you discounts for booking multiple nights at once. This should help you save more money on your trip.