High Quality Bali Villas for Rent

The abundance of high quality Bali villas for rent

Bali villas for rent

Bali villas for rent

Bali villas for rent, is a common sign you will see all around the island. There is a range of great quality Bali villas for rent in many locations, in many different categories and at many different prices. There are long term Bali rental villas, more suited to expats and western professionals who chose to make Bali their home. There is also Bali villas for rent on the short term they are definitely more accommodating of tourists who want to experience a certain style of luxury when they holiday in Bali. These short term Bali villas for rent, are usually called Bali holiday villas and are suitably luxurious, and will usually come with modern comforts like a western kitchen and a swimming pool.

What are the Bali villas for rent long term like?

Bali villas for rent on a long term basis are usually plusher lending themselves to the commonly used term Bali luxurious villas which is being used all over the island to describe the kind of Bali villa rental favored by those lucky enough to work in paradise. A typical long term villa will have a private walled garden, a full size swimming pool, an outside open plan seating area, with dining table soft furnishings and sofas’, open to the front and sides, but protected from the elements by the large wall around the property. These type of long term villa rentals in Bali have not only a certain charm and quality that come with western standards, WI-FI and cable TV etc but also retain a certain element of traditional Balinese culture, as they typically have gargoyles and stone statues standing guard on the four corners of the property, also they will have a traditional Yalang Yalang ceiling which is delicately thatched and placed to make it very strong and durable but still massively ornate and beautiful.

Bali villas for rent Kuta.

There are an abundance of good quality short term and long term Bali villas for rent in Kuta, this area is the night life capital of Bali and is very popular for its all hours party atmosphere and beautiful beaches. The average holiday maker looking for villas rental Seminyak Bali will undoubtedly come across villas in Kuta as it is one of Bali’s most famous and coolest areas and a firm favorite with Australian and European youngsters seeking adventure and excitement. They can rent a villa with their friends for a similar price it would cost at a good hotel and have the whole place to themselves allowing freedom and luxury while at the same time providing a safe environment.

Bali villas for rent Legian

Bali villas for rent Legian are a more classic affair, as Legian is more highbrow than kuta, less brash and party orientated, instead more glitz and glamor with great restaurants and beach side bars, it is a more adult area of Bali. Legian has a great reputation for shopping, making it the host to big name high class designers like Gucci. Bali villas for rent in Legian are in both categories, short and long term, as the area lends itself to being a good place to live and also visit. There are lots of options when choosing a villa for rent in Legian, and the area truly has some of the most amazing luxury villas available anywhere on Bali

Bali villas for rent Ubud

Bali villas for rent in Ubud are definitely different from the villas available in Kuta and Seminyak, providing a leafy retreat for those who want to experience life in a colonial town in the heart of a tropical jungle. Ubud is surrounded by rice fields, rivers, and lush woodland, making it an ideal place to get away from it all. There is a large collection of expats here, largely alternative types who have made businesses selling remedies yoga and massage therapies, however the typical villa for rent in Ubud will be on a short term basis, for weeks rather than months.

Whatever your needs when it comes to Bali villas for rent you can be sure here at Bali ultimate villas we have an extensive range showcasing only the best Bali villas for rent. For more information please contact us, our staff will happy to help you.